U.S. Funded Australian Joint Fires Trainer Opens in Jordan

Titan IM, Calytrix Technologies, and Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS) have recently completed the design, build, and installation of a Joint Fires Trainer for the Jordan Armed Forces. The facility was formally opened and declared ready for training by senior members of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) and the US Embassy in Amman in October 2017.

The contract for the supply and installation of the new capability was awarded to the collaborative group of Titan, Calytrix, and VSS after a competitive tender process by Global Maritime Services, a division of US-based VSE Corporation. VSE had been tasked by the NAVSEA Program Office to procure, fabricate, integrate, install, test, validate, and have accepted into service, a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and Joint Fires simulator to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2. Titan IM COO Phil Gilson briefs guests at the official opening.

Coined the Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer (SAVT) by the JAF, the simulator will be used to support the training, operational readiness, and tactical proficiency of JAF Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTAC)/Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Forward Air Controllers (FAC), and Forward Observer (FO) personnel during day, dusk, and night operations. The entire system was developed to meet the requirements for accreditation in accordance with the JFS ESC MOA.

3. The SAVT undergoing Factory Acceptance Testing in Titan's Newcastle facility.

The SAVT represents a comprehensive Joint Fires training capability and includes the provision of:

4. The EMEs used in the SAVT facility.
• A 5.25-metre, 270-degree dome and projection system
• All software, including the Titan Vanguard simulation system
• Two (2) integrated Part Task Trainers (PTT)
• A range of Emulated Military Equipment
• Instructor and control stations
• A full curriculum required to conduct JTAC training
• In-country technical support
• In-country instructors and trainers

Newcastle based Virtual Simulation Systems provided the system's 12- channel projection dome, replica JTAC devices, and other hardware. VSS CEO David Lagettie said of the project, "Working with a tightly integrated software environment and a world-class team made implementing the SAVT a joy. We are very proud of the result and the capability our team has offered to Jordan is among the best in use anywhere."

5. The SAVT has been installed in a custom-built facility in Jordan.

The SAVT represents a significant advancement for the integration and training of coalition forces engaged in combating terrorism in the region. The ability for the JAF to train and qualify on the system will allow for much closer cooperation with regional and global partners including the US. In the short time that it has been open, the SAVT facility has been visited by a number of high-level military and foreign dignitaries including the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency General, the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd).

6. His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove visit the facility on a recent trip to the Middle East.

The Chief Operations Officer of Newcastle based Titan IM, Phil Gilson, said that the project, ‘sees a significant milestone for the Australian companies involved. We were able to compete against major overseas bidders and deliver a competitively priced system in under six months from contract signature'.

Phil further noted, ‘the project represents an end to end capability. All the hardware and software components were developed locally, and the group is providing comprehensive training and technical support.'

The SAVT uses Titan Vanguard as its core simulation system, delivering high-end visual representations across the entire globe. The Jordanian system uses Vanguard as the sole simulation and visualisation software which eliminates the need for costly third-party software integration. Without the need for complex and expensive terrain or model development, the JAF will be able to operate anywhere, in any weather conditions and with the ability to rapidly create, modify and execute training scenarios on a truly global scale.

CEO of the Perth based Calytrix Technologies, Shawn Parr, said, ‘The Jordanian SAVT conclusively demonstrates our capability, as an Australian group of companies to effectively compete and deliver world-class simulation based training capabilities anywhere in the world without the need for a prime integrator. Our group also provided all the training design and curriculum development and will provide in-country technical and instructor support. Vanguard is showing its flexibility and cost- effectiveness as a tool which can be adapted across a range of simulation and simulator requirements without the need for costly and complex integration'.