Calytrix wins innovation award

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce it has been presented a prestigious "2017 Innovation Award" blue ribbon by Military Simulation and Training Magazine (MS&T) in its annual Top 100 Simulation Companies award programs.

Calytrix highlighted its work with TitanIM and Outerra in contributing and delivering the Titan Vanguard synthetic environment:

As viewed from space, Vanguard displays the military symbology of globally deployed forces. A user can then dive towards the Earth at any point, passing through stunningly rendered volumetric clouds with views out to the horizon, until they land on firm ground where every blade of grass is rendered and isn’t just visible but is moving in the wind. The military symbology seen at 100,000ft has now been merged into fully interactive 3D platforms at the highest fidelity; allowing a first-person player to proceed on foot or jump into a vehicle, aircraft or ship and join the fight anywhere on the globe. Using truly modern and open standards, Vanguard delivers the tools and capabilities needed to support both the operator and developer to meet their gaming, virtual and simulator training needs.

Vanguard delivers a modern and entirely new platform based on open standards that dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for developers and end-users alike. A developer can use modern techniques such as HTML, JavaScript and C++, as well as open standards to rapidly build the environment for a desktop trainer through to a full flight cockpit. While end-users with no technical experience can easily use point-and-click tools to create terrain and define complex training scenarios.

Vanguard delivers training agility, cost savings and is the new generation of virtual systems.

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