Titan Vanguard 2017.1

Titan.IM and Calytrix Technologies are pleased to announce the formal release of the latest Titan Vanguard simulation package.

This release represents our first formally packaged and widely available release of the Titan Vanguard simulation platform. In development for a number of years, this platform includes all the core functionality and capabilities that currently power more than 20 JTAC, Rotary Wing, ISR, Sniper, Gunnery and other assorted simulators around the globe, deployed for Army, Navy, Air Force and Civilian customers.

This release includes the full Titan Vanguard capability set, including:

  • Base terrain set with global coverage
  • Comprehensive Scenario Development tools with a focus on point-and-click functionality
  • CAS and CFF Functionality
  • Wide array of land, sea and air assets
  • Fully synthetic first-person and third-person modes in addition to map overlays
  • After Action Review tools
  • Terrain development tools, both point-and-click and geospatial/data-driven
  • LVC Integration Gateway
  • Complete radio communications solution
  • APIs for extension via C++ and Javascript
  • Support for large network games
  • Support for rapid simulator setup, domes and multi-channel simulators
  • Much moreā€¦
  • To get your evaluation copy of Titan Vanguard, please contact support@calytrix.com