D-BOX Motion code integration with Vanguard

D-BOX in partnership with Calytrix Technologies have developed a new integration for the next generation Titan Vanguard synthetic training environment. Allowing users to seamlessly connect Titan Vanguard applications to the D-BOX Motion Solution, this new integration leverages Vanguard’s global 15cm terrain resolution to create high-fidelity, realistic and immersive training simulators in a turn-key manner. Every bump, crevasse and crack is felt as Vanguard vehicles navigate their way over a dynamically deforming terrain grid.

Visit Calytrix at booth #15 during the upcoming ITEC show to experience the fidelity offered by the Titan Vanguard / D-Box solution and participate in a specially built driver scenario. Driving a 15 tonne Bushmaster Protected Military Vehicle participants will weave along a 3.5km mountain circuit, through forest and villages, over a variety of terrain in sun and rain; all designed to showcase the unparalleled level of simulation fidelity produced by Titan Vanguard.

If you'd like to learn more about Titan Vanguard or how it is being integrated with Simulation platforms, contact us today!