Connecting the Danish Army’s Combined Arms Efforts

Connecting the Danish Army’s Combined Arms Efforts

February 20th

Calytrix (Europe) - The Danish Army recently conducted a Combined Arms Tactical training exercise for Company and Battalion levels using the virtual tank training system Steel Beasts Professional (SBPro) combined with the SitaWare Battle Management System (BMS). SBPro was connected to the Calytrix LVC-Game gateway over DIS to the IFAD gateway for subsequent proprietary communication to the SitaWare Frontline BMS. All SBPro Trainees had in vehicle touch-display to simulate the mounted BMS Displays.

The Battalion commander is formulating his mission-intent and suggests!

SBpro and LVC-Game-SBpro

Integrated SBPro + BMS Station

Calytrix continues to provide its partners with real in-field integration, networking and technical support to help them deliver their live training over an integrated live, virtual and constructive (LVC) infrastructure. For more information or support please contact