Calytrix Supports RAAF Coalition Virtual Flag Titan Upgrade

Calytrix Supports RAAF Coalition Virtual Flag Titan Upgrade

July 2016

In collaboration with CAE Australia, Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS) and TitanIM Pty Ltd, Calytrix Technologies (Australia) provided a number of technical services in support of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) recent Coalition Virtual Flag 2016 training exercise.

Coalition Virtual Flag is hosted by the United States Air Force and combines live and virtual air assets utilising aircrew from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.</br> During this exercise the the C-130J Full-Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) operated by 285 Squadron at RAAF Base Richmond was networked into the exercise to allow the simulator to work alongside live air assets in the US.

During Coalition Virtual Flag the C-130J FFMS developed by CAE was integrated with the Tactical Air Crew Trainer (TACT) developed by VSS, delivering a fully integrated and immersive experience for both the front and rear crews.

Calytrix’s contributions included:

  • Support to the upgrade and integration of Titan Vanguard into the TACT, delivering a substantial capability jump over the previous virtual environment.
  • DIS systems upgrades to support FFMS to TACT integration.
  • Provision of accreditation documentation and system updates to enable the system to connect to the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centres (ADTSC) DTEN network and subsequent connections to the US.

Watch the RAAF video:

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