Calytrix Newsletter: June 2016

Titan ITEC Newsletter

May 16th

With our Early Adopter Programmer now in full swing and Titan Vanguard version 1.0 just around the corner, there is no better time to come and visit us at booth A130 at ITEC to learn more about "The Future of Simulation".
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All the News From ITEC 16

For an update on all the events at Calytrix please have a look at our ITEC 2016 Newsletter, covering:

  • Titan Vanguard CX v1.0
  • Cost Counter at Scale - 100,000+ Entities
  • Titan CX - European Early Adopters Event
  • Portico and Thales - Open, Global Simulation
  • Calytrix continues support to Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre
  • Latest Titan CX Sales
  • GFT Training in Calytrix Orlando Office
  • Cost Counter with the 505th Training Squadron and AFAMS

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ITEC 2016: Titan & Calytrix announce Vanguard v.1

May 25th

Shepard Media - Training and Simulation

TitanIM, in conjunction with Calytrix Technologies, used the recent ITEC event in London to announce that Titan Vanguard CX version 1.0 will be released on 31 July. Vanguard CX features an integrated ‘whole of world’ database and a dynamic terrain that renders down to 15cm resolution. According to Calytrix, version 1 will also provide a number of so far undisclosed features.

The product has already gained significant successes, notably in Australia where it is used within the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) army and air force’s Rockwell Collins realfires jtac simulators. the system has also been integrated on the raaf’s tactical airlift crew trainer (tact) at RAAF base Richmond (see mtsn 3/2016).

‘Titan IM has forged a strong partnership with Rockwell Collins, who are using their extensive real-world experience of both digital and non-digital CAS and fire support systems to deliver JTAC training worldwide,’ explained Calytrix’s CEO, Shawn Parr.

‘Titan is the perfect choice for JTAC simulation,’ added Parr. ‘Solutions have been fielded on both laptop-based systems and up to 360 degree domes with 16 channels and multiple simulated devices.’

Calytix works closely with partner company Virtual Simulation Systems (vss) and the latter has now integrated titan with its complete aircrew training system (cats) product. in service with five nations, vss says that titan vanguard now provides cats with, ‘an enormous leap in quality and training functionality.

‘aside from a more immersive and detailed virtual environment, new features include a custom instructor user interface, cargo transfers from moving ships, surface-specific downwash effects, automated vr profiles per scenario, and much more.’

titan vanguard cx is certainly a powerful product and highlights the tremendous capability of new visual systems that are now beginning to enter the market. as ever, potential users need to be on their toes when it comes to selecting the optimum solution for their requirements; their choice has never been wider.

Cost Counter at Scale - 100,000+ Entities

March 14 2016

Tracking and costing simulated exercises at the scale of constructive simulations requires efficient and purpose-built technology. Improvements and optimisations in the newly released Cost Counter 3.5 now allow it to operate in large simulation environments with entity counts of over 100,000.

Not satisfied with this, we've also improved speed across all aspects of the system, including costing calculations, report generation, searching and data storage. An order of magnitude faster, the new Cost Counter is the tool to prove the Value of Simulation.

Supporting the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre

April 15th 2016

Calytrix Technologies has been an integral partner of the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) for the past ten years and we have supported every major Joint and Coalition exercise in that time. With over 25 permanent staff and 40 percent of the contracted workforce, Calytrix is responsible for a variety of functions including the provision of exercise planning and technical staff.

Calytrix provides the Systems Development Team and IT Security Teams responsible for the identification, technical integration and introduction into service of new simulation systems; as well as the security assessment, accreditation and certification of the simulation environments. Calytrix also provides staff and services in support of the organisation's governance functions including logistics, warehousing, facilities and information management expertise. We look forward to our continued and steady partnership with the Australian Defence and Simulation Centre.

AGFT Training in Calytrix Orlando Office

March 2016

Calytrix Technologies Inc recently began hosting training sessions for the US Army's Games for Training contract at our home office in Orlando, FL. A newly renovated training room awaited US Army soldiers participating in our first course: VBS Terrain Development.

Having a purpose-built and dedicated training facility has enabled more courses to be conducted and is providing greater flexibility and functionality in support Games for Training program.