CNR-Sim 4.3 Released

Calytrix Technologies has released a new version 4.3 of its Comm Net Radio (CNR) for training of military, homeland security, first responder and other radio users. CNR encapsulates all of the products in the CNR family of simulation and training related communication products.

Calytrix's CNR-Sim is software for either Windows or Linux that simulates a multichannel radio. Training with CNR-Sim provides PC users the comm functionality of a real radio. However, voice communications through the simulated radio are processed over a computer network and not broadcast over the air, thus limiting the radio traffic to the confines of the training environment. CNR-Sim is compliant with IEEE standards for simulated radio communications (specifically, DIS and HLA network protocols). Calytrix's CNR family of products also includes CNR-Log to record and replay simulated radio traffic, CNR-Monitor for remote management of a CNR network and CNR-Touch for touchscreen control of multiple independent simulated radios.

CNR-Sim in Base and Pro versions supports an unlimited number of simulated channels (frequencies), Voice Operated Keying (VOX) capability, and user control of signal clarity and noise. In addition, Calytrix offers a free version of CNR-Sim that supports just two simulated radio channels.

CNR 4.3 improves on the previous 4.2 release:

  • CNR-Sim and CNR-Touch have been improved with a variety of bugfixes.
  • CNR-Monitor has undergone a major overhaul
    • User interface now allows the radio list to be filtered.
    • Degradation effects applied on a per channel basis.


CNR-Monitor Configuration
CNR-Monitor's main interface