LVC Game Now Available with Diamond Visionics GenesisRTX

Dayton, OH. USA, November 24, 2010 – Calytrix is happy to announce that Diamond Visionics has integrated its 3D visual simulation software, GenesisRTX, with Calytrix Technologies’ LVC Game, enabling the use of GenesisRTX in traditional and serious gaming distributed simulation environments using DIS and HLA networking.

GenesisRTX is the original “Dynamic Construction” COTS 3-D visualization technology that dramatically reduces significant time, cost, and effort from the traditional database development process. GenesisRTX enables high-quality and high-density 3D Terrain Scenes directly from uncompiled GIS source data as well as run-time dynamic Terrain anywhere on its round earth database.

Through its Software Developers Kit (SDK), Calytrix LVC Game connects serious games and training systems into standardized DIS and HLA simulation networks. LVC Game provides a bidirectional DIS/HLA gateway that connects military training systems with existing defense environments including OneSAF and JCATS.

Shawn Parr, Calytrix’s CEO, commented, “We are very pleased that Diamond Visionics adopted LVC Game for GenesisRTX’s DIS/HLA interoperability. There are a growing number of partners using LVC Game’s SDK and we wish to grow this business model. ”

Aaron Hutchinson, President of Cogent3D, says, “The future of distributed simulation is non-homogenous simulation technologies working seamlessly together and LVC Game makes that possible now for applications like GenesisRTX.”

Calytrix Technologies Inc. is a Training and Simulation company based in Dayton, Ohio specializing in delivering integrated training solutions. As part of its services, Calytrix develops and supports specialist Live Virtual and Constructive gateways and voice communication tools for the military simulation market. For more information, visit

Diamond Visionics, LLC is a small business based in Vestal, NY that produces cutting edge 3D visualization, image generation, and interactive source editing tools for the operational and simulation markets (GenesisRTX : GenesisIG, GenesisMP, GenesisSN, and GenesisSDK). To contact DVC:,  .

Cogent3D, Inc. is a privately held business based in Tucson, AZ dedicated to creating and distributing some of the World’s most technically advanced 3-D visualization, cloud computing, mobile applications for Modeling & Simulation, Operational, and GIS applications. For more information, visit: and