Steel Beasts Support

Calytrix Technologies (Perth) is pleased to announce the release of the new LVC Game for Steel Beasts.

Steel Beasts from eSim Games is a PC-based simulation of small-unit armored and mechanized combat. It models the gunner's, commander's and driver's positions of various armored fighting vehicles in a virtual 3D environment and is capable of networked and solitaire training for single-vehicle, platoon, and reinforced-company scenarios with a high level of tactical confidence.

LVC Game connects serious games with serious training. By working closely with the game's developers, Calytrix LVC Game provides a fully bi-directional DIS/HLA gateway for connecting military training games.

The new Steel Beasts version is available now with plug-ins for DIS, HLA and 1516e (Pitch). For more information please contact: