Calytrix Bundles with VBS2

Calytrix LVC Game, CNR-Sim and CNR-Log software products are now bundled with VBS2 to provide an inherent DIS/HLA capability.

Calytrix Technologies and Bohemia Interactive (BI) are very pleased to announce that LVC Game, the highly successful HLA/DIS gateway developed by Calytrix is now bundled with the new release of VBS2 VTK as a standard item. Effective immediately, VBS2 is inherently DIS/HLA compliant.

Calytrix LVC Game has been continuously refined since it first connected VBS1 to JSAF for the Australian Defence Force in 2005. With LVC Game as its efficient, flexible and robust gateway, VBS2 customers worldwide have interoperated with a wide range of virtual, live and constructive systems including JSAF, JCATS, OneSAF, AVCATT, Steel Beasts, VR-Forces, and many other DIS/HLA systems.

Established VBS2 customers without LVC Game may upgrade to LVC Game for a nominal fee per seat.

LVC Game

In addition to LVC Game, special versions of Calytrix Technologies Voice-Over DIS applications CNR-Sim and CNR-Log are now offered with VBS2 as optional add-ons.

Combat Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) is a cross-platform, software-only, radio/intercom simulator. CNR-Sim is affordable and easy to use, allowing teams to communicate over a simulation network. Its simple push-to-talk interface supports multiple teams and switches quickly among an unlimited number of configurable communication channels.

Combat Net Radio Logger (CNR-Log) records and replays simulated radio transmissions exchanged between CNR-Sim instances (or any other DIS compliant radio). Voice traffic recorded by CNR-Log is replayed automatically by VBS2’s After-Action Review (AAR) system.

The Bohemia Interactive – Calytrix Technologies partnership continues to deliver state-of-the-art, affordable, game-based training solutions to the military market. Visit us at ITEC or Eurosatory in Europe this June for a demonstration of integrated BI-Calytrix products.