Calytrix Supports Microsoft ESP

Acron Capability Engineering (Calytrix's Canadian VAR) announced the release of Acron ESP™ HLA (High Level Architecture) Interface for the Microsoft ESP™ visual simulation platform. Acron built the interface using the Calytrix SIMplicity® integrated development environment.

The new Acron ESP HLA Interface released today allows military simulators to take advantage of the Microsoft ESP platform for immersive learning experiences.

Acron CEO John Nicol said "Our existing HLA 1.3 interface to Microsoft Flight Simulator™ needed to be upgraded to support IEEE 1516 and the new Microsoft ESP platform. SIMplicity allowed us a very easy upgrade path to achieve our new interface and also now allows us to build additional support for different Run Time Infrastructures and interoperability standards quickly and efficiently." He added, "I would recommend SIMplicity to anyone that wants to build new HLA or DIS interfaces, or upgrade their existing interfaces."

Shawn Parr, Calytrix's Managing Director commented, "SIMplicity gives Acron great flexibility and maintainability for their new Microsoft ESP HLA interface, so that the interface can grow and adapt easily as HLA evolves over time."