Calytrix provides HLA for free

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of SIMplicity Online, the next generation of Calytrix's simulation development tools.

SIMplicity Online is a web service that allows you to:

  • Manage FOMs
  • Design the way a federate will interact with a FOM
  • Build a federation from a collection of federates
  • Generate all the framework code, configuration and solution files required for a federation

As an online service, SIMplicity Online is able to provide vastly improved facilities for resource sharing between simulation developers in an organization. SIMplicity Online also significantly improves the possibilities for integration with configuration management systems.

The code framework provided by SIMplicity Online implements World's Best Practice designs and dramatically simplifies the process of developing and deploying complex HLA simulations while improving the potential for reuse of complex simulation resources.

SIMplicity Online is available today at The use of SIMplicity online is FREE for developers using the Portico Open Source RTI ( Support for commercial RTIs is available on a subscription basis.

SIMplicity Online
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