Calytrix Strengthens its Link with the CMO

The Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) under project JP2098 came to an end in August 2007 with the delivery of the experimentation and demonstration components of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2007 (TS07). When the JP2098 Project Office was required to transition the various resources of the JCTC (e.g. knowledge, people, equipment, software, processes etc.) into a new project under the banner of the Combined Management Office (CMO) it was only logical that Calytrix would play a key part.

Over the past few months Calytrix has increased its role and responsibilities within the CMO by fulfilling a number of new positions. In addition to the already established positions, Calytrix now has responsibility for the Interim Project Manager, Network Manager, Network Engineer and for the provision of Ancillary Support.

Calytrix Technologies has had a long involvement with the JCTC and our knowledge and proven track record is invaluable in ensuring the continuity and transition of core JCTC resources and knowledge through the CMO.

Over the past two years, Calytrix has fulfilled a number of roles within the JCTC Program, including:

  1. Technical/Team Management (JCTC SSS)
  2. Synthetic backbone development
  3. LVC development
  4. Information Systems (IS) development
  5. Networking Support
  6. Systems Integrator
  7. Technical and accreditation writers
  8. Commonwealth technical representative (e.g. US technical liaison, tradeshows, planning conferences etc.)
  9. COTS Software providers (e.g. Mentor and CNR-Sim)
  10. Exercise planning and assessment support (PM/AAR function)
  11. Technical surge support for TS07
In delivering these services, Calytrix has developed a unique and extensive knowledge of almost every aspect of the JCTC. Our increased responsibility strengthens the ties between the Commonwealth and Calytrix in addition to providing the ADF with the best solution to ensure success for this exciting new capability. </section> </article>