Calytrix supports Lion Spirit 2007

Calytrix (Training Systems division, Australia) was pleased to extend its support to Exercise Lion Spirit 2007: a bi-annual activity between New Zealand and Singapore conducted from August 3rd to August 10th in Christchurch.

A large crew of Army and civilian staff rallied to bring this simulation exercise into life. Throughout the Command Post Exercise (CPX) simulated constructive Semi Autonomous Forces (SAF) were employed to directly stimulate the lower control commanders, who in turn provided the necessary information to train the Higher Control elements and Headquarter cells.

Two years earlier, Calytrix helped successfully deliver the New Zealand Army Synthetic Environment (ASE) during Lion Spirit 2005. Building on this earlier achievement, Calytrix again played a key role this year in the successful delivery of Lion Spirit as the support provider for the synthetic environment. Calytrix, in conjunction with the dynamic New Zealand Army Synthetic Environment team, ensured that nearly 60 simulation terminals executed flawlessly during the period.

From all accounts Lion Spirit was well perceived by both the training audience and the exercise coordinators: all training objectives were achieved by providing a stable constructive simulation platform.

Lion Spirit
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