ADO Enterprise Agreement

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) is very pleased to announce that the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO), through the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO), has recently entered into an enterprise license agreement for the full suite of Calytrix simulation products. Under this agreement the ADF will have access to software and support for the latest versions of CNR-Sim, JET, LVC Game and SIMplicity:

  • Calytrix Combat Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) is a software-only radio/intercom simulator.
  • JSAF Entity Toolkit (JET) allows an end-user to easily inspect and modify the entities held in the Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF).
  • Calytrix SIMplicity is an Integrated Development Environment for distributed simulation developers.
  • LVC Game provides a fully bi-directional DIS/HLA gateway for connecting military training games like Virtual Battlespace (VBS) and Steel Beasts with each other, or into existing DIS and HLA defence environments like JSAF and JCATS. </ul>

    These products will also be integrated and distributed as part of the Defence Synthetic Environment (DSE), a key enabling simulation framework for DOD training and experimentation.

    Shawn Parr, Managing Director of Calytrix Technologies, said, "This new arrangement is the result of working closely with the Australian Defence Organisation on a number of recent projects and underscores the importance of the relationship that has developed between our two organisations. In particular, we see ADSO's activities on the DSE as a key initiative aimed to support a broad range of ADO simulation activities and as such we are very pleased to be part of this work".

    ADO partners can find more details and access these products at

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