Calytrix helps deliver JCTC vision.

Calytrix Technologies has been heavily involved with the Joint and Combined Training Capability (JCTC) project office since 2004 and currently provides the majority of the permanent technical staff. It seemed only obvious that when the ADF required additional technicians to support the delivery of the JCTC Vision during Talisman Sabre 07 they turned to Calytrix. For the past month Calytrix surged over 30 highly skilled simulation, network, VTC and HLA technicians into the field to support the JCTC proof of concept and TS07. Dr Nelson, Minister of Defence, stated in his media release 063/2007, The Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) links Australian and US exercise headquarters, units and training areas to combine live training action with computer-generated simulations and platform simulators throughout the world. It creates unified high-quality training scenarios in a blend of the virtual and real world.

The linking of simulation and command systems enables real and virtual ships, aircraft and troops to be integrated into complex scenarios with a very high degree of realism for training participants. Comprehensive analysis can be undertaken taken during 'after action review'. This provides a state-of-the-art learning experience in military training. It will significantly improve the capability of the Australian Defence Force.

Training is critical to the operational effectiveness of our troops. Training with a high degree of fidelity is substantially more effective and enables troops to 'hit the ground running'.

While delivering better training, the JCTC also will produce efficiencies by reducing operating costs, wear and tear on people and equipment and our footprint on the environment.

Calytrix is proud of its continuing association with the JCTC project and to have contributed to the success of the JCTC. </section> </article>