Mentor assists in the Conduct of Talisman Sabre 07.

Requiring a system that allows easy interpretation of the complex web of exercise events the 'Mentor' system was used by the Exercise Control Headquarters of Talisman Sabre 07 to coordinate the exercise. Exercise controllers for TS07 used the 'Mentor' system to orchestrate the conduct of daily events. An exercise synchronization matrix was developed on the system that showed the activities of each of contributing force elements. This matrix detailed the activities of all of the Maritime, Land, Air and Special Forces units supporting the exercise from the time they left their unit locations to their withdrawal from the exercise area. Overlaying the synchronization matrix was the exercise schedule of events which dictated what was to occur at any given time and location. Projecting images from 'Mentor' so that all controllers could identify what was happening in the exercise provided a high level of confidence within the Headquarter element. Changes in the synchronization matrix and schedule of events could quickly be done to cater for unexpected scenarios or to meet the needs of the exercise Director. "This is the first time that the 'Mentor' system has been used to conduct such a large exercise and it proved to be extremely valuable in assisting with the exercise coordination. Much emphasis has been placed on the Planning and Evaluation aspects of 'Mentor' and it was pleasing to see the aspects surrounding the 'Conduct' part of the tool being used on such an important and large scale exercise" said Steve Salmon, the Principal of Calytrix Training Systems.

Even though the evaluation component of the tool was not being used at Exercise Control, considerable interest was shown in the 'Mentor' system by a number of high ranking visiting officers to the exercise. 'Mentor' continues to gain wide recognition across Defence as an outstanding tool for planning, conducting and evaluating a wide range of activities.