Mentor provides Evaluation for JCTC and TS07

Both the ADFWC and JCTC office recently used the Calytrix Technologies 'Mentor' evaluation tool during Exercise Talisman Sabre 07.

As part of the Joint and Combined Training Capability proof of concept the Calytrix Technologies 'Mentor' system was used to conduct an evaluation of a specific event relating to Special Force operations during Talisman Sabre 07. Working with joint Subject Matter Experts from Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS) the JCTC office developed a series of objectives and performance measures that were to be evaluated as part of the exercise. Using the 'Mentor' system, evaluators who were distributed across the country, conducted assessment of the agreed groups and prepared an After Action Review (AAR). Combining the Live, Virtual and Constructive systems with video and audio capture technology, the evaluators were able to construct an AAR that provided 'ground truth' and now enables a thorough analysis for lessons learned. Dr Nelson, Minister of Defence, noted this point in his media release 063/2007 when he stated, 'The linking of simulation and command systems enables real and virtual ships, aircraft and troops to be integrated into complex scenarios with a very high degree of realism for training participants. Comprehensive analysis can be undertaken taken during 'after action review'. This provides a state-of-the-art learning experience in military training. It will significantly improve the capability of the Australian Defence Force.'

Separate to the JCTC event, a small team of ADF officers, under the direction of ADFWC, were using the 'Mentor' system to conduct evaluation against the agreed Essential Tasks for the exercise. While not using the system to produce a high tech AAR, the team gathered observations and comments relating to specific events that were included in the overall exercise AAR. Additionally, the data has been gathered in such a manner that will enable greater analysis and allow insights and comments to be easily transferred to the ADF’s 'lessons learned' data base.