UK MoD Applies Serious Games for Serious Training

Calytrix Technologies and its strategic partner Bohemia Interactive Australia are pleased to announce the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) purchase of an enterprise licensing of the VBS2 and LVC Game training system. Enterprise licensing provides VBS2 and LVC Game across the whole UK MoD. For the initial contract, valued at over AU$3 million, Calytrix will deliver Project Management and Systems Integration of VBS2 into the UK constructive environment, as well as acting as the VBS reseller.

Shawn Parr, Managing Director of Calytrix Technologies, said, "This is a great outcome for all parties. The UK MoD will rapidly benefit from the complementary application of VBS2 and LVC Game. With more development and integration work planned, we look forward to working closely with the UK MoD to help shape their Virtual and Constructive training solutions".

"We are very pleased that the UK MoD has chosen VBS2 as the COTS virtual environment of choice for both training and experimentation. Bohemia Interactive has worked very hard to improve all aspects of our simulation over the past few years and we will continue to modify the product in accordance with the requirements of the UK MoD" said Peter Morrison, Director of Bohemia Interactive Australia.

Calytrix Technologies is a training and simulation products and services company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Calytrix Technologies specializes in the areas of simulation, and training performance assessment, providing commercial products and systems integration services to government, military and defence customers worldwide. (

Bohemia Interactive Australia develops serious training applications based on Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2) visual simulation gaming technology. VBS2 provides a low cost but highly capable foundation for delivery of serious military training. Bohemia Interactive Australia is based in New South Wales, Australia (