Mentor Upgrade at the RAN

Calytrix Training Systems (Australia): Over the past 4 years Calytrix has been working closely with the Royal Australian Navy, through the Maritime Warfare Training Systems Office (MWTSO), to develop the Calytrix Mentor™ exercise planning management and assessment framework to meet the needs of the Navy.

Mentor was originally developed with the RAN as part of their ongoing Maritime Assessment, Training and Evaluation System (MATES) and Team Training Framework (TTF) programs. Within the MATES program, Mentor delivers performance based training, After Action Reviews (AAR), analysis and lessons learnt capabilities. Most recently Mentor was used to support US and Australian Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) activities.

The RAN, through the MWTSO are currently upgrading the Mentor framework to take advantage of the new distributed features of the latest release. This work will see Mentor upgraded within the simulation and training facilities at HMAS Watson in support of Command Team Training activities, support to upcoming Pacific Coalition Amphibious Synthetic Training (PCAST) joint Australian/US training; and trials with Sea Training Group which is hoped will lead to a larger rollout of MATES and Mentor.