CNR-Sim v2.3 Released

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the latest release of its software-only cross-platform Combat Net Radio Simulator, CNR-Sim. Version 2.3 of the software now includes support for the commonly used MuLaw voice encoding algorithm.

Since version 2.0 of the product released in late August 2006, CNR-Sim has been enhanced with a number of key features:

CNR-Sim v2.3
Addition of MuLaw-8bit encoding for audio streams providing a significant cut in network bandwidth requirements and allowing interoperability with other radio products using this algorithm.

Automatic decoding of incoming audio streams enabling the software to receive audio streams in not only the sent format, but any combination of PCM-8, PCM-16 and MuLaw-8.

CNR-Sim v2.2.1
Support for concurrent transmission of audio signals. CNR-Sim will decode audio from multiple source simultaneously for playback.

CNR-Log replay was improved for Linux and Windows platforms.

CNR-Sim v2.2
CNR-Log, the flexible CNR logging and replay tool now bundled with CNR-Sim.

New network layer allowing for Broadcast, Multicast or point to point communication

Single and bi-directional ports for all communications </section> </article>