Elsag Datamat buys SIMplicity

Elsag Datamat in Italy has purchased SIMplicity for use by its modeling and simulation group. The company builds training systems for its customers worldwide, and has been building DIS/HLA systems for many years. By using SIMplicity, Elsag Datamat expects to produce DIS/HLA simulators and training systems more quickly than before. As an example, it plans to use SIMplicity on training systems for Defence, where the time required to develop results is an important consideration. In March 2007, an engineer from Calytrix taught a training course on SIMplicity for Elsag Datamat's simulation engineers in Rome, with emphasis on application of SIMplicity to the needs of their projects.

Elsag Datamat is the new company established to act as a centre of excellence for the design and production of systems, services and solutions in automation, security, transport, defence, space and information technology. Resulting from the integration of Elsag and Datamat in 2007, Elsag Datamat is a company in Finmeccanica group, one of the world's leading players.

Calytrix is very pleased to have Elsag Datamat as its customer.