SIMplicity 1.1 Released !

In addition to addressing a number of known defects this release also delivers the following new features:

  • Support for Windows XP Professional
  • You can now select you preferred GUI "Look and Feel" through the Project Options dialog in SIMplicity. By default SIMplicity 1.1 will adopted your system's native GUI. Please note that you will need to stop and restart SIMplicity to change the look and feel characteristics of the GUI.
  • Improved support for OMT notes.
  • Due to potential name clashing issues when importing FOM files, a new "FOM Import Wizard" has been provide. This wizard will allow you to select the most appropriate naming strategy for your FOM.
  • Multiple item "drag and drop" has been enabled in the GUI.
  • A new "Workspace Toolbar" has been added to the top of each canvas. This context-sensitive toolbar provides convenient access to the properties, diagrams and function pages for the select tree item. In addition, a "Push Pin" feature has been provided, which allows you to pin or lock a canvas while you navigate the tree. The pin feature can also be used to drag and drop multiple tree items onto a locked canvas.
  • Class diagrams now use a more space efficient layout algorithm.
  • The mouse scroll button is now supported.

SIMplicity version 1.1 is now available for download!

If you experience any difficulties with this release or if you would prefer to receive this release on CD please contact support.

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