Development Platform

Titan Vanguard / Development Platform

Just as Titan Vanguard crosses the sea, land, air and space simulation domains, it also delivers both-end to-end user scenario play out of the box along with modern development tools, delivering a versatile solution to all communities.

Real Time Editing / ‘In Game’ Parameter Modification

Titan Vanguard has a robust development backend that places the power to create Need Based simulations and simulators into the hands of the End User without OEM intervention. Titan Vanguard embraces the concept of Scalable Users to accommodate everyone from simulator operators up to experienced coders, by providing both “Point & Click” scenario construction tools, in-game JavaScript capabilities and full C++ APIs, with a wide range of development tools and interfaces between these two extremes.

This open-philosophy approach, which has really only come of age in the last 5 years, amounts to a stark product discriminator against other popular simulation environments which tend to be fully closed due to the age of their underlying infrastructure or that they apply proprietary standards and business models.

Most available engines either allow the creation/modification of existing scenarios without the user truly being able to make a full product with its own identity, or on the other hand they are a full Software Development Kit (SDK) targeting developers who wish to build new systems from the ground up without offering any “Pick Up and Play” capability out of the box. Titan Vanguard, however, has been designed from day one to support both ends of the spectrum.