Vanguard used for Army Driver Trial

Titan Vanguard was recently integrated with Drive² to support a Driver Simulation trial for the Australian Army.

The terrain generation and modelling capabilities within Vanguard enabled rapid replication of the Army’s Safe Driver Training Area (SDTA), complete with stop signs, functioning traffic lights and buildings.

The use of OSM data meant the correct road system was already available in Vanguard, even on a military property. The ability for the user to generate specific SDTA data once again highlighted Vanguard’s unique capabilities. Driver training scenarios were developed to support specific testing requirements.

Vanguard and Drive² were easily integrated using the Vanguard API and set up on site took less than 15 minutes. While the outcome of the trial is yet to be determined, Vanguard proved itself to all present as the most flexible and suitable synthetic environment for this type of military training.