Titan Newsletter: December 2016

Titan I/ITSEC Newsletter

November 29th

All the News From I/ITSEC 16

2016 has been a busy year for everyone at Titan IM. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Titan Vanguard is Ready
  • New Features in Vanguard
  • Partnering with Leidos at IITSEC 2016
  • Operation Virtual Pacific
  • MH-60R Rear Cabin Trainer
  • Titan Used in Coalition Virtual Flag
  • Delivering Full JTAC Capability

And check out these videos:
  Titan Vanguard - New Features
I/ITSEC New Features
Titan Vanguard Trailer
Welcome to Titan Vanguard
Titan Vanguard Embassy Evacuation
Embassy Evacuation Demonstration Video

Titan Vanguard is Ready

One product for one World. Calytrix and TitanIM have teamed up to deliver Titan Vanguard, the first end-user product built on the Titan core engine. Delivering all the world’s terrain, stunning visuals, true joint land, air, sea and space applications, open standards, and unparalleled ease of use, Vanguard allows any user to build both terrain and scenarios. Ideal for first-person training schools all the way up to high fidelity simulators, Vanguard is proving to be the Future of Simulation.

Aimed at both the desktop and simulator market, Titan Vanguard delivers a whole new level in synthetic environments. If you’d like to know more, please contact [email protected] for more details and apply for an evaluation.

New Features in Vanguard

As we have worked towards a Vanguard 1.0 release we have integrated a number of core capabilities, including:

  • Content – A continually growing library of fully featured models.
  • First Person Gameplay – Play as soldiers, occupy vehicle platforms and go VR
  • Call for Fires/Close Air Support – Baseline CFF and CAS capabilities
  • Terrain Connect – Input data from your own GeoServer
  • Inventory and Hardpoint Profiles – Configure your character and platform loadouts
  • Entity Primary and Secondary Action – First and second order waypoint behaviours with extensive point & click control
  • Pattern of Life – Bring a crowd into your scenario instantly
  • And much more

Partnering with Leidos at I/ITSEC 2016

Calytrix and Leidos (booths 1363 and 2324) will be showing an integrated demonstration highlight Titan Vanguard, connecting a Blackhawk cockpit trainer, backend gunnery simulator with VR headset, a Leidos ZPU-4 anti-aircraft simulator and exercise management system. A significant high-end apability demonstration highlighting the power of Titan in a complex joint training environment.

Operation Virtual Pacific

As part of the Australian Simulation Congress held this September, TitanIM debuted Titan Vanguard with its participation in the demonstration exercise, Operation Virtual Pacific.

TitanIM delivered the climactic vignette of the exercise - a mission to recapture an overtaken airport, with Vanguard also integrating with the Australian Army's Battle Management System (via Elbit Systems) to provide the background synthetic exercise traffic persisting throughout the entire show.

MH-60R Rear Cabin Trainer

In conjunction with CAE, the US Navy and the Australian Navy, Titan has delivered an exceptional training capability for the fleet of MH-60R helicopters. Including high fidelity VR gunnery with both GAU-21 and M240 weapons, full cabin operations, external loads and extensive SAR/CSAR winching capability, the RCT runs completely on the Titan engine and is now in active service.

Titan Used in Coalition Virtual Flag

From 15-19 August 2016, No 285 Squadron (285SQN) participated in Coalition Virtual Flag 16 (CVF 16), an online training exercise coordinated by the United States Air Force that links together military flight simulators and other crew training devices from around the globe. Participating for the second year running, 285SQN linked its C-130J Hercules Full-Flight Mission Simulator with the Titan Vanguard-powered Tactical Airlift Crew Trainer (TACT) to fly a virtual Hercules in the exercise. Simulated aircraft in Coalition Virtual Flag will interact with real aircraft flying in Exercise Red Flag from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, for true Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training. Under Air Force's Plan Jericho, the experience of Coalition Virtual Flag will help inform how Air Force conducts LVC training in the future.

Delivering Full JTAC Capability

Titan Vanguard is the engine behind a growing number of JTAC simulator installations. With extensive flight modelling capabilities, high-fidelity ballistics and unlimited view distances, Titan is the perfect choice for JTAC simulation. Solutions have been fielded on both laptop-based systems and up to 360 degree domes with 16 channels and multiple simulated devices. Titan seamlessly performs Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and Call For Fire capabilities simultaneously over any distance. Titan IM has also forged a strong partnership with Rockwell Collins, who is using their extensive real-world experience of both digital and non-digital CAS and fire support systems to deliver JTAC training worldwide.