Joint Interoperability LVC Game/LVC Cost Counter Workshop

Calytrix Sweden, recently hosted a distributed, Joint Interoperability LVC Game/LVC Cost Counter workshop, connecting the Danish and Greek armies to the Terranis Battle-Lab in Sweden.

The workshop was predominately a joint Steel Beasts Pro training session using a secure VPN & DIS. The Steel Beasts server was located in Sweden, with remote clients connecting via a VPN tunnel. Also connected to the simulation was Calytrix's LVC Cost Counter, collecting and measuring the real-world costs of repeating the exercise with live assets.

LVC Cost Counter collects simulation data and measures the real-world costs of repeating the exercise using live assets. By factoring in costs like fuel usage and munitions expenditure we can gain a quantifiable understanding of the cost savings simulation supported training delivers.
— Ulf Krahn - Terranis Systems

Collected costing information was published live to all participants in the exercise via a web-client. During the 35 minutes of combined arms combat using MBTs and AIFV against a symmetrical OPFOR the total cost (virtual) was a staggering 3.450.000 EURO..WAR IS expensive!

Future mini workshops will involve additional Combat Training Centres from more countries and extra virtual training systems such as VBS3 and X-Plane together with Steel Beasts Pro.

For more information on any of the workshops please contact Ulf Krahn at [email protected].

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