JCTC and Calytrix in the ADM

Calytrix (Australia) – The Joint and Combined Training Capability (JCTC) and Calytrix's Simulation and Support Services team's technical achievement during Talisman Sabre 09  where noted in a recent article in the Australian Defence Magazine (ADM):

"JCTC Does it again" (ADM, Page 38, October 2009)
The Joint and Combined Training Capability (JCTC) once again had a significant impact on the conduct of TS09. The JCTCs Simulation Support Services team, provided by Calytrix Technologies, linked nine sites across Australia and integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) forces from across the Pacific into the exercise.
Australia's JCTC and Calytrix's solutions continue to demonstrate world leading capability in the LVC domain and a number 'firsts' were achieved as part of TS09:

  • Utilising Link 16, constructive simulated entities were placed directly into the cockpits of some the participating aircraft. While this was demonstrated during Pitch Black 08 this was the first time that the USAF had allowed such integration of constructive assets with live aircraft.
  • A virtual AC130 Gunship, flown from Hurlburt USA was linked with live forces in Shoalwater Bay and constructive entities from Virginia. Live forces wearing both the US and Australian instrumentation systems were impacted in real time by the vAC130.
  • Bi-directional traffic was enabled into the US I-Hits and Australia's Land 134 instrumentation systems. This enabled soldiers wearing the I-Hits and Land 134 equipment to be integrated in real time with entities placed in Joint Semi Automated Forces (JSAF).
  • The Hornet Air Combat Training System (HACTS) wasn't acquired to be used as part of collective training but utilising a trial gateway developed by Calytrix the HACTS was able to fully participate in the exercise for the first time.

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