SIMplicity Version 3.4 - Support for MÄK's RTI now available

The RTI or “Run Time Infrastructure” provides a set of software services required to run the distributed simulations commonly used for Defence planning, analysis, training and war-gaming. RTIs are available from several international vendors and there are other competing distributed simulation infrastructures. The variety of distributed simulation infrastructures, standards and vendor implementations, creates costly simulation integration problems for Defence organisations worldwide. Simulations need to be integrated to enable joint (Army, Navy, Air force) and Coalition level interaction. Calytrix SIMplicity™ enables Defence developers to create simulations that can be migrated between simulation architectures, standards and vendor implementations with little or no additional effort, substantially reducing integration effort, risks and costs.

The MÄK RTI has been used in a wide variety of programs and large exercises, including US Air Force distributed mission operations and US Army and NATO exercises. The MÄK RTI is notable for its support for a wide variety of network topologies and architectures and its ease of configuration.

Warren Katz, CEO of MÄK Technologies commented, "We're extremely pleased that Calytrix selected the MAK RTI from the field of competing products upon which to focus their Calytrix SIMplicity™ integration efforts. Seamless interoperability between Calytrix SIMplicity™ and the large installed base of MÄK RTI users will no doubt fuel growth for Calytrix”. Mark Rheinlander, CEO of Calytrix Technologies commented, "MÄK’s RTI is a very popular product with our Defence customers, so supporting it will open up further opportunities for Calytrix. We are delighted to be working with MÄK Technologies and both companies are looking forward to continued collaboration.”

About MÄK Technologies: MÄK Technologies develops software to link, simulate and visualize the virtual world. They create tools and toolkits for distributed simulations, develop PC-based military tactical trainers, craft custom solutions, and research and develop the latest simulation technologies. MÄK builds commercial off the shelf simulation software that is flexible, portable and supported. For more information visit

About Calytrix Technologies: Calytrix Technologies is based in Perth, Western Australia and the USA. Calytrix is a software tools company that provides its International Defence customers (government, services and prime contractors) with specialist capabilities (products and product related services) in the following areas: Distributed Simulation; Performance assessment of individuals, teams and systems; Distributed team collaboration and information sharing. Whilst Calytrix’s initial focus is on defence, its products are not defence specific, and it has plans to build on its defence successes to expand into other commercial verticals in the future. Calytrix Customers include: BAE, Boeing, EADS, Lockheed Martin, UK, US, Canadian and Australian Defence.