SIMplicity 1.0.3 Released !

SIMplicity 1.0.3 delivers the following new features:

  • Improved performance and memory management. This has resulted in improved loading and saving time and support for larger FOMs Windows NT support.
  • Remote building can now be interrupted at any time.
  • Incremental remote building. Only compiles files that are out of date or haven't been built before.
  • A dependency file is now created during code generation. This allows you to change a Federate's interface in the GUI and re-generate the code without losing your simulation logic (see section 4 for important details).
  • API method added to return the federate handle. Improved Find capabilities in GUI.
  • Catering for long and multiline property values in GUI.
  • All OMT properties are now type-checked.
  • OMT Import will warn the user of any resolvable problems that occur during import. RPR-FOM.omt contains many resolvable problems.
  • OMT Import/Export now handles Routing spaces and notes. However, notes are not shown in the GUI.
  • OMDT files can now be imported as OMT files. The project options dialog now has an "apply to entire model" checkbox. When selected, changes to project options are applied to the entire model, rather than just to new nodes.
  • Windows NT support for installation.
  • Improved stability of deployment diagrams.

SIMplicity version 1.0.3 is now available for download!

If you experience any difficulties with this release or if you would prefer to receive this release on CD please contact support.

We hope that you enjoy this release!